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$BEZOGE is the key token that everything in Legends of Bezogia is pinned to
and it is linked to the game in the following ways: 



1. Magical Blocks ($BLKs) - The In-Game Currency of Bezogia 

$MBLKs are directly linked to $BEZOGE via a liquidity pair on QuickSwap and in future, other decentralized trading platforms like UniSwap. This means whenever another cryptocurrency is used to buy $MBLKs, such as $ETH, the $ETH will first be swapped for $BEZOGE and then swapped for the corresponding color of $MBLK.


  • This means that every purchase of Magical Blocks ($BLKs) will also be a purchase of our native token, $BEZOGE, directly providing value to holders of the $BEZOGE token.
  • See the Magical Blocks page for more info on the tokenomics of $BLKs:



2. Summoning Cost - Burning $BEZOGE 

When two Bezogi NFTs are used to summon another Bezogi, there is a cost involved.


  • This cost is split into two different tokens, $BLKs and $BEZOGE. Both of these tokens are burnt forever, reducing the circulating supply and adding to the deflation of the token. See the Summoning Cost page for more info on the costs of summoning:



3. NFT Sales Royalty 

When an NFT is sold on the secondary market, a percentage of the sale is collected by the Bezoge Treasury. On OpenSea this royalty is set to 2.5%, making the total royalty on OpenSea 5% when you also add in OpenSea's platform fee of 2.5%.


  • We will also be launching our own NFT marketplace on bezogia.com and in-game where the total royalty will be 4.5%.
  • These royalties will be collected by the Bezoge treasury and will be used for development of the project and direct contributions to the $BEZOGE token and ecosystem.



4. Tiered In-Game Perks for $BEZOGE token holders 

Holders of the $BEZOGE token will receive special perks in-game, such as: 


Disclaimer: the in-game perks listed below are subject to change and are only an indication of potential perks for $BEZOGE holders


  • Access to early Alpha/Beta releases and game updates
  • $BEZOGE Holder only skins and in-game items
  • Discounted Summoning and Minting
  • Shorter cooldown period after summoning
  • Discounted NFT trading on the Bezoge NFT trading platform



5. Governance of the game - Vote with $BEZOGE 

$BEZOGE holders can vote in the DAO on key game mechanic changes, banning/unbanning of players caught cheating, etc.