Black Darkzogi

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The block burning summoners of the dark depths of Bezogia.



This is a tale of darkness, insatiable block burning and the dark magic that dwells deep in the depths of Bezogia. The Darkzogi harness their power by mercilessly burning blocks. They burn them black and suck the life force out of them, repurposing their core energy using terrifying dark magic to summon Bezogi. This gives them their distinctive dark look and power, but at a high price.


3 Darkzogi chant their horrific dark magic to summon a Bezogi from the Darkpool. 


  • They reside deep within the depths of Bezogia, huddling around horrific cauldrons known only as Darkpools, collaborating together with their twisted visions of the future. The cauldron is their doorway to summon Bezogi, when summoning, they disturb the fabric of spacetime, leaking some of the precious block energy through the warp, feeding the dreaded Shiba Inu. This is the sacrifice they make to wield their somewhat addictive dark block-fueled power.
  • Some say, with an admittedly low voice, that they are made up of entirely burnt blocks that were originally burned down using the forbidden dark magic. Just seeing blocks being burnt down gives them twisted twitches of pleasure, further fueling their desire to burn more blocks. Whispers from the dark gods working in the shadows worm their way into Bezogia through the energy created from block burning. This trade-off will surely wreak havoc in the future, the Darkzogi are aware of this but burn blocks regardless.


The mysterious 0x000dEaD and Blackhat eagerly await the next dark spell. 


  • They wield a bone-shaking dark staff, peculiarly named 0x000dEaD. This legendary staff, when worn with their dark magical Blackhat gives them the power to summon. It’s said that only the original purebred knows the real meaning of this bizarrely named legendary weapon.


"Huddled around the Darkpool, they chanted unholy mutterings that sounded like 0x000dEaD slowly pulling a Bezogi from within”