Golden Mintzogi

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The golden armory brokering power behind the scenes.



This is a tale of power, might and politics. The Mintzogi run the lands of Bezogia and command great respect and power. They decide who triumphs and who is crushed under the hammers of the blessed. The Mintzogi have been melting down millions of blocks of all colors throughout the ages to craft and refine incredible weapons used by the armies of Bezogia to annihilate their foes.


Stalwart Mintzogi smelting blocks to mint fresh green candles. 


  • Win the good graces of the Mintzogi and your soldiers will have the gear they need to stand up against insurmountable odds and walk away victorious. The ultra-rare golden blocks, created by the ancestors of the Mintzogi are used to make the most legendary of items and require a secret mixture of hundreds of blocks of all varieties to be minted. This takes time, skill and heroic effort, the Mintzogi stalwartly protect their methods and armories, never stand between a Mintzogi and his blocks, as it will not be long before armies from far and wide will rush in defence of the Mintzogi hoping to gain but a scrap of their divine favor.


The Legendary Blockbreaker showcased side by side with Helmint. 


  • The strongest steel in Bezogia, used to make the finest weapons for the breeds of Bezogi that have won their favor, however fleeting that may be, are made from the world-renowned Metamaskus Steel. One layer technology was simply too inefficient and costly and it yielded inconsistent results when minting. The Golden Mintzogi developed a far superior two-layer technology to massively reduce costs and increase efficiency allowing them to create the hardest weaponry in Bezogia, sought after by all and feared on the battlefield. Win the favor of the Mintzogi and crush your foes underfoot.


"Firing up the blast furnaces to maximum heat, they melted down countless blocks into a golden river of molten gold flowing into fresh moulds stacked higher than the eyes can see”