Green Freezogi

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The frozen gas-fueled nightmare of the north.



This is a tale of sadistic addiction, of pure malevolence and psychotic bloodshed. In the far northern reaches of Bezogia lies a frozen and hostile landscape inhabited by the deeply terrifying Green Freezogi. They, like many other breeds of Bezogi, enjoy the thrill of the kill but with a twist, they are absolutely, totally and utterly hooked on the noxious gasses encased within the blocks that reside deep within the tundra. When mined, the blocks release a potent gas which when inhaled, sends the Freezogi into a hyperactive psychotic state, filling them with power, unholy stamina and the maddening desire to inhale more gas. The Freezogi are no strangers to the pickaxe and keep their spare blocks safe in the bank of Cold Storage, ready to buy more gas to be sucked deep into their foul lungs.


Four Freezogi eagerly mining frozen blocks for their next deep dark hit of gas. 


  • Their legendary item is a crudely engineered bio-enhancing Gas Mask, which melds with their face, attaching horrifically to the teeth, which, when activated, supplies a constant stream of intoxicating gas. The dreaded mask, which when seen in the dark sends shivers down the spines of everything in view, gives the Freezogi a sudden pump in strength and stamina which further deepens their cravings for more gas.


The unholy Gas Mask ready to be strapped to the face of the next foul gas craving Freezogi.


  • It was once said that when cornered and outnumbered, a wayward Freezogi warrior sprayed his face with enough gas to put a Rhino to sleep. The sadistic rush of power and violence that followed the inhalation of the sickening fumes sent him into a rage that ended in the scattered dismembered body parts of his unlucky victims. Never come between a Freezogi and his next hit of gas.


“He pressed down on the trigger and deeply inhaled the sickening fumes of gas spraying directly down his throat, his eyes rolled all the way back, snapping back into focus with unholy power. Shivering and shaking with rage he muttered, oooooh, it’s going to be a lovely day!”