Red Zerkzogi

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The red colored, Green Candle wielding nemesis of Bezogia.



This is a tale about the bone-crunching blood-drinking brawlers, a breed of warriors who on their quest to conquer and consume fight their way up to glory above. Standing in the red corner, covered in blood striding over the bodies of their dismembered victims are Red Bezogi. The bloodthirsty berserkers who in times of calm stick to their warrior code and principles, they are well-groomed, highly styled & obedient gentlezogi, but when the blood flows all hell breaks loose and they drift from the path of honor to the path of chaos. Once in combat all morals go out the window and they kill, kill and then kill some more, often just for the pure fun of it in their insatiable desire for blood.


A nasty squad of Red Bezogis eagerly hunt their prey in a dark cave wielding the legendary Green Candle. 


  • It was once said that a squad of Red Bezogi, which closely resembled a pack of wolves, went wild after smelling the scent of blood in a crowded civilian town centre next to some cooking meat. They wielded their weapon of choice, the well known, and more so, well feared Green Candle and proceeded to mercilessly bash the skulls in of every civilian in their sight. The smart ones ran, the not so smart ones tried their chances, only to find their heads cracked open and stomped into the blood-soaked mud underfoot as the berserkers carried on their rampage through the town square in search of more needless bloodshed.
  • The deep blood-red colour of the Red Bezogi represents their key attack ability and their general violent nature. This strong deep tone provides a stark contrast to the vibrantly Green Candle which they are never seen without. The Candle, which always seems rock-solid enough to crack a skull or ten, is also often used while hunting down foes in dark caves. A Zerkzogi wields a heavy arsenal of bone-breaking weapons and favors their iconic legendary Green Candle, and in the rare chance of ever beating one in combat, the Green Candle would be a worthy trophy of such an epic kill.


The legendary Green Candle bursts into life as it yearns for blood & bone.


  • Purebred Bezogis are rare, and there are very few left in existence, it’s surprising that the bloodthirsty nemesis that is the Red Bezogi have made it this far. It’s said that on the rare encounter of ever meeting one, it’s likely to have killed many hundreds of other Bezogi so approach with extreme caution.


“They bashed, they bit, they clawed and they mauled, their insatiable desire for blood was utterly overwhelming”