White Holyzogi

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The keepers of the sacred Recovery Seed.



This is a tale of sanctuary, of healing and pure goodwill. The White Holyzogi are the healer breed of Bezogi and their key ability is a sacred 12-word seed phrase, which when chanted repeatedly, magically heals other Bezogi. Mystical purebred White Bezogi are the only fabled heroes who know the full recovery phrase, they keep their magical Recovery Seed Amulet close to their chest. They treat the special amulet like a child and never let it leave their sight, keeping the sacred phrase a closely guarded secret.


Four White Holyzogi healing a terribly wounded, weaker mixed breed Bezogi.


  • It was once said that deep within the mines of Bearish, four stalwart and faithful Holyzogi fully healed a mixed breed warrior Bezogi from near-death using the 12-word seed phrase after he had been roasted by the flames of despair blasting out of an unexpected red candle deep within the depths while on his way to Bear Market. In one extremely rare tale, only whispered in the taverns after dark, people speak about a group of ancient purebreds who actually brought another Bezogi back to life after muttering the 12-word phrase 100 times in total harmony.


The Recovery Seed Amulet in all its holy glory. 


  • Some say that the closely guarded secret that is the holy 12-word recovery phrase is still hidden deep within the blocks of Bezogia, waiting to be rediscovered once again.


“Shining in the blazing light of their holy power, they huddled together chanting deeply, softly and endlessly”