Yellow Speedzogi

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The fastest living life-form in Bezogia.



This is a story about the stalkers in the night, the lightning-fast scavengers that will rip the spoils of war right from your hands, meet the Yellow Speedzogi. They are obsessed with gathering blocks, they scavenge loot and they stalk more powerful cumbersome foes in the shadows and wait. Speedzogi avoid combat where possible, being much lighter and agile, they are perfect for collecting resources and ambushing prey. If you meet them alone in the night and you’re carrying blocks, they will certainly be the last thing you will see. Flashes of yellow with rips and shreds from all angles, they will swoop in and loot your drops before you even realise they are there. They particularly enjoy stealing blocks right after a kill and then slipping away into the shadows on the hunt for the next block.


Speedzogi, Faster than sound!


  • Being feared in Bezogia for their speed and prowess, the Speedzogi live up to their reputation and tend to scavenge like a pack of wolves hungry for blocks and scraps. They are never seen alone and always attack in a group ripping at their prey from all sides hungry to fulfil their irrational obsession with collecting trinkets and loot from any unlucky traveller they can find. The yellow terrors hide out of sight and follow their victims carefully waiting for the right time to swoop in and plunder what they can grab before making a quick escape.


The blocks that run the world of Bezogia 


  • The legendary purebred Speedzogi are the only breed on Bezogia that can actually break the sound barrier when moving at full speed, leaving an iconic yet mesmerizing yellow trail of sparks in their wake. So make sure you nail down your loot if you want to keep it!


“They came like a pack of wolves, yellow flashes of light ripped, clawed and teared at them from all sides. Blood was spilled, the panic was manic, the loot… was gone”