Full Theatrical Trailer in 4K


Bezoge Earth, the creators of The Legends of Bezogia are thrilled to release the full theatrical trailer for their upcoming crypto-based MMORPG game where players from all around the world can come together and experience the wild and wonderful world of Bezogia. 




The Biggest Play & Earn Game You’ve Never Heard of

The Legends of Bezogia, the land where everything always goes up, is an open-world MMORPG metaverse game where players can summon their own unique Bezogi NFT characters from a selection of eight different breeds by summoning in-game. Each unique to their own playstyles and lore, Bezogi pillage, mint, summon and explore the epic lands of Bezogia.


The trailer highlights all of the breeds playable within the Legends of Bezogia giving viewers a hint into their background and play style showcasing some of their key skills and traits. Produced and edited in the typical light-hearted & comical fashion, The Legends of Bezogia is expected to shake up the crypto gaming world with top-notch graphics, a rich story experience, hilarious crypto memes and an epic world for gamers to get lost in.


8 Breeds of Bezogi



The Future of the Crypto Gaming Industry

With a full in-house team of over 30 people, The Legends of Bezogia aims to set a new standard in the crypto gaming world. The Legends of Bezogia is expected to take the industry by storm and the trailer is a clear indication of just how far ahead it is ahead of the competition. 


Exciting Game Updates

With the Alpha signup now live, adventure-packed quests are being added to the game's content along with magical blocks, a new crypto token which can be used in-game to mint items, summon Bezogi characters, enter PVP arenas and various other in-game activities which will be announced in up-coming updates & via social media. Additionally, the Bezoge team will hold a weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) where all the latest game updates are discussed openly with the community. Some of the latest updates include influencer partnerships, guild partnerships & weekly 100 billion $Bezoge giveaways.


In-Game Tokens

Bezoge Earth ($BEZOGE) - Governance token of the project which can be used in-game to:

  • Gain rewards and royalties from in-game transactions on-chain.
  • Discounted minting of items & NFTs
  • In-game benefits.
  • XP boosts.


Magical Blocks ($MBLK) - Can be used in-game to:

  • Mint items.
  • Summon bezogi characters.
  • Enter PVP arenas.
  • Other in-game transactions.
  • Not yet released, coming very soon.


$BEZOGE tokens can be purchased on the following exchanges:


Press Link: https://www.bezoge.com/press/the-legends-of-bezogia-full-theatrical-trailer
Press Contact 
press@bezoge.com / Carrie Shuffield




About Bezoge Earth:

Founded in 2021, Bezoge Earth, under the game title of The Legends of Bezogia is an emerging Crypto based MMOPRG Play & Earn Blockchain Game, available in Alpha on PC & Android-based devices, with the full global release planned in Q3 2022.

Bezoge Earth’s portfolio of products begins with Legends of Bezogia, the first crypto game for non-crypto people, alongside the $Bezoge token and Bezogi/Petzogi NFT’s. Bezoge Earth’s products are designed for maximum functionality working cross-chain with cutting edge technology representing the future of the crypto gaming industry.

With “The First Crypto Game for Non-Crypto People '' as its brand essence, Bezoge Earth aims to empower today’s crypto gaming community by breaking down complicated barriers to entry into the crypto gaming metaverse. Bezoge Earth aims to shake up the industry by making it accessible and fun for everyone combining rich and exciting lore, thrilling game mechanics and flexible playstyle options to appeal to anyone who wants to dive in and play.

The Bezoge Earth team works worldwide, covering Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States. Expanding at a phenomenal rate, the Bezoge Earth team now employs more than 40 in-house team members, working decisively on blockchain development, game development, 3D design, 2D design, marketing, corporate development and more. Bezoge Earth has huge plans to become the No.1 flagship MMORPG globally on all devices with strong value propositions including Play & Earn, NFT Smart Functionality and most importantly, a totally enthralling backstory.

For more information on Bezoge Earth, please visit: http://www.bezoge.com/